Larry Dossey M.D.

“This film is well conceived and hugely important. I really dont know anything quite like it. We live in an age that is fantastically attracted to high – tech, expensive, invasive, and chemically dependent approaches to health. Dena’s efforts and vision show another way, a way based in consciousness, intention, and empathy–a way that is anchored in our human origins. We ignore this legacy at great risk–for without these vital factors, no method of healing works as it should.

It is crucial that we explore these abilities. Healing explores a human ability that is ancient, and which has resurfaced the lens of modern science… this breakthrough film, Spiritual Healing: A New Frontier in Medicine, is showing the way. How can it be that the biggest cancer charity, the biggest lottery funder and Russell Group Universities are engaged in Spiritual Healing? Where is the representation in our society of these people and their work?”